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New program delivers easy access to QFCE protocols...

September 23, 2005 – Phases rehab is pleased to announce a valuable partnership with Wisconsin chiropractor, Dr. Steven Yeomans, DC, FACO, to give health care providers easy access to the renowned Quantitative Functional Capacity Evaluation (QFCE) program.

Dr. Yeomans’ QFCE program is the most comprehensive means to track patients’ recovery and is especially helpful to validate and verify the effectiveness of treatment in cases that include peer review and litigation.

The QFCE Protocol CD includes a full set of PDF forms, documentation options, detailed instructions on how to perform and record all tests and an instructional video on the overall process presented by Dr. Yeomans

“The ability to provide my colleagues with a tool that will assist them in achieving improved patient health using an evidence-based process is very important to me,” enthuses Dr. Yeomans. “The QFCE program allows professionals to share quantitative, measurable results of a patient’s overall progress with an entire health care team. The Phases program, with its full color images of exercise positions from beginning to end is presented in an easy to follow format to enhance compliance by the patient.”

Adds Dr. Jaye Carlson, DC and founder of Phases rehab: “The ability to incorporate the professional expertise of Dr. Yeomans into the Phases rehab software is a huge benefit for practitioners. The two tools are a perfect fit and will markedly enhance the efficiency of any rehabilitative practice.”

Phases rehab is internationally recognized for its rehabilitation software that delivers real-life depictions of patient exercise regimes with accompanying, easy-to-use documentation to track prescribed programs.

Dr. Steven Yeomans of the Yeomans-Edinger Chiropractic Center, WI, is board certified in chiropractic orthopedics and specializes in the treatment and education of patients towards preventing recurrent spinal and other musculoskeletal conditions.

For more information and to obtain your Phases Rehab software - or the QFCE add-on to the Phases Rehab package - call 1-800-231-0518.

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“Phases rehab is the most effective patient home-care exercise tool I have seen. Phases rehab is a simple yet versatile home-care exercise program. I use it daily to reinforce the importance of patient involvement in any treatment plan.”

Dr. John Vargo, DC


Tel: (1-800) - 231 - 0518