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The Phases / Dr. Steve Yeomans QFCE CD-ROM includes the following three elements:

1) Quantitative Functional Capacity Evaluation (QFCE) Material

Included on the CD is an Adobe PDF file, which allows printing of the test sheets and instructions, as follows:

a) A complete set of the physical performance test sheets, including blank versions and a sample of a completed test;
b) Detailed instructions and an overview of the tests, including:

  1. VAS (Visual Analogue Scale)
  2. Three Minute Step Test
  3. ROM: Lumbar
  4. Pain/Tenderness (Waddell #1)
  5. Simulation (Waddell #2)
  6. Horizontal Side Bridge
  7. Gastrocnemius/Ankle dorsiflexion test (knee straight)
  8. Soleus/Ankle dorsiflexion test (knee flexed)
  9. One leg standing test
  10. Exaggeration / Overreaction (Waddell #5)
  11. Repetitive Squat
  12. Sitting SLR / Distraction (Waddell #3)
  13. Regional Neurology (Waddell #4)
  14. ROM: Cervical
  15. Cervical Spine Strength
  16. Repetitive Sit-up
  17. Modified Thomas test / Hip extension test
  18. SLR (Hamstring flexibility) test
  19. Double leg lowering
  20. Static Back Endurance test
  21. Knee Flexion test / Nachlas
  22. Hip ROM (IR, ER)
  23. Grip Strength Dynamometry
  24. Repetitive Arch-up test
  25. Post Test-VAS
Each of the above tests are accompanied by their corresponding normative data chart.

2) An overview video with Dr. Yeomans

    This video, designed to play on your computer, provides an overview and explanation by Dr. Yeomans of all of the tests and material in the QFCE;

    3) Yeomans Exercise Protocols

    The Yeomans exercise protocols, which correspond to the above tests, append into the Phases rehab program, enabling you to provide detailed color home care exercise handouts for your patients. These protocols, designed by Dr. Yeomans, also allow you to add notes, through the Phases interface, to customize the exercises for specific patient requirements. Please note that you must have Phases rehab V3.1 software to run these protocols.

    If you have further questions, please contact us.





    Phases rehab is the most effective patient home-care exercise tool I have seen. Phases rehab is a simple yet versatile home-care exercise program. I use it daily to reinforce the importance of patient involvement in any treatment plan.

    Dr. John Vargo, DC