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The features of Phases rehab V3.1 are extensive. With a database of nearly 1000 low tech exercises, Phases rehab is a user-friendly, comprehensive software program.

Let"s look at the features our program offers:

  • comes complete with gym ball, floor, balance, tubing, free weights and stretching exercises.  NO additional modules to purchase
  • clear, concise text accompanies each exercise and you can EDIT this text to your specific needs
  • write a personal note to your patient within each exercise block
  • various print formats ..gym chart, abbreviated SOAP chart note, large text formats  are provided to meet your needs
  • your logo and clinic information can be easily added to all printed handouts for a professional, customized look
  • a file summary sheet is generated to track a client's exercise history and document active care
  • create your own versions of our exercises by accessing the Phases rehab photo data base
  • your specific techniques can be imported into the program to create your own, custom exercise sections
  • searches can be done by menu picks of body joint and range of motion  NO text-driven searches
  • an exclusive, animated "quick pick" feature enables you to visualize the exercise and serves as a great teaching tool
  • the visually-driven interface provides a preview of 9 exercises at a time, which you can scroll and view 3 exercises at a time
  • exercises are color-coded for difficulty level
  • no getting lost within multiple screens " one home screen" does it all!
  • exercise parameters can be pre-set or individually customized
  • a number of pre-set protocols for common conditions are provided and can be used as a template to create your own
  • protocols, specific to your treatment regime, can be easily set up
  • exercises can be re-organized as you build your program
  • links to other programs - Outcome Measures, WORD or your patient management  can be made seamlessly
  • a TIPS section provides patient training tips
  • a THEORY section serves as a mini rehab review that assists with the designing of safe and suitable programs
  • individual programs can be e-mailed to patients using Adobe Acrobat
  • a network version is available for multiple users
  • back up and restore measures are built in
  • tech support is free! Just call, we're here to help

I no longer have to fight with exercise cards, tear-off sheets with generic programmes, or draw stick diagrams. This is one programme that will play a role in the plan of management of each of your patients

Silvano A. Mior, DC, FCCS(C)